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Common soft rejection issue for WP Theme Submission in ThemeForest

Issue 1: 

How to test the blog/posts layout/functionality –

– Import the Theme Unit Test [http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Unit_Test] file and make sure that:
– Posts display correctly, with no apparent visual problems or errors.
– Posts display in correct order.
– Page navigation displays and works correctly.
– As “sticky posts” are a core feature, the theme should style and display them appropriately.
– Lack of body text should not adversely impact the layout.
– Theme must incorporate both the “Tag” and the “Category” taxonomies in some manner.
– Floats are cleared properly for floated element (thumbnail image) at the end of the post content.
Reference link: https://wpthemetestdata.wordpress.com/

Issue 2: 

Third party scripts/ styles don’t need to be prefixed to avoid double loading.
ref: https://github.com/WordPress/twentysixteen/blob/master/functions.php#L236

Issue 3: 

Data Validation issues have been found in your theme. All dynamic data must be correctly escaped for the context where it is rendered. – All dynamic data must be escaped with esc_attr() before rendered in an html attribute. – Whenever you are rendering a url to the screen its value must be passed through esc_url() first. – If dynamic data is rendered inside an attribute that triggers a JavaScript event, it must be escaped with esc_js().
Please make sure you read these articles:

Issue 4: 

Please use get_template_directory when including/requiring files.

Issue 5: 

All theme text strings are to be translatable and properly escaped.

Issue 6: 

Please use a unique prefix for all function names, custom images sizes, classes, CONSTANTS, hooks, public / global variables, and database entries to avoid conflict issues with plugins and other themes.

For example, themename_ OR frameworkname_

You can have frameworkname_ if you are using a framework while using themename_ for your themes.

Read more at http://themereview.co/prefix-all-the-things/

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